active shooter training for hospital staffA.C.T. (Assess, Challenge and Train) Hospital Program

The Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Training for Hospital Staff (also known as the “ACT Hospital Program”) is designed to provide staff with the confidence needed in order to protect and defend their own lives, and any dependents; in the event of an intruder, active shooter or killer, or other terror attack.

The active shooter training for hospital staff program is intended for any hospital, emergency center, or medical center complex.

The ACT Hospital Program: Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Training for Hospital Staff  is offered in 3-steps:

  1. Confidential Hospital Security Survey – The survey is completed by a Guardian Defense (“GD”) Assessor, who will meet directly with the hospital director and/or head of security to discuss current emergency procedures, identify areas of security weaknesses and provide recommendations for both of these areas.
  2. ACT Hospital Program Lecture – The lecture is a 3-hour interactive presentation on workplace violence prevention, and the importance of preparing for hostile intruders, active shooters, or other workplace threats. Participants will learn how to create an individualized plan for their work space, including their dependents, and feel empowered to act to a threat. Participants will gain confidence throughout the lecture as they learn how to formulate a plan and learn recommendations of how to practice this plan throughout their daily routine.
  3. ACT Mock Scenarios – Practical and Simulation- The mock scenarios portion of the program is a 3-hour experience in the hospital. Staff will be split into small groups and guided by a GD instructor with a ratio of 1:10 or smaller. During the Practical portion, the GD instructor will review concepts learned during the ACT Hospital Program Lecture and show the techniques in the work space. Once participants feel comfortable with the information, the program will move on to the Simulation portion. The Simulations will begin with a basic emergency drill, and progress through several simulations, ending with one that will require quick action and decision-making. GD instructors will perform a controlled, live simulation complete with gunfire using blank ammunition, which will allow staff to implement the techniques learned through a more realistic scenario. All Simulations are followed by a debriefing in the classroom with a final group debriefing after the last simulation. The goal of the mock scenario is to ensure that staff leave the program feeling more confident in their abilities to develop and implement their own individualized plan for their work space and any patients for whom they are responsible.

Guardian Defense is located in south Florida; however, to teach our active shooter training programs we do travel outside this region to provide this service. This active shooter training program is modified to fit any hospital, and not all three steps may be needed at every facility.

Because each hospital has their own specific needs and their own number of participants, fill out the form above or call Guardian Defense at (954) 654-8912 to receive a personalized quotation for our ACT Hospital Program: Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Training for Hospital Staff.

Our active shooter training programs are offered at a discount to schools and non-profit agencies.