Choosing the Right Active Shooter Training Program for Your School

Choosing the right active shooter training program, plan and procedures for intruder and threat preparedness is one of the most difficult tasks for school administrators to do. Administrators often find themselves in a dilemma when choosing the right path for emergency plans. As a result of increased violence in our schools, administration is feeling more pressure to update procedures and training.

With no clear national standard to address active threats in our schools, school administrators find themselves uncertain on how to proceed forward with getting their school prepared.


Who do school administrators put in charge of emergency plan protocols?

  • Various individuals are in charge of emergency protocols, depending on the size of the school and the budget.
  • We have seen every type of school staff employee from the headmaster, to the science teacher, in charge of emergency planning for their school.
  • We have also seen well-established security departments within the school, and, shockingly a complete absence of safety leadership in schools.


Who do school administrators turn to for active threat advice?


The lack of national standards causes administrators to seek knowledge on their own. This is often done by:

  1. reaching out to the local police department,
  2. tasking a staff member to create their own plans by conducting research, or
  3. hiring a consulting company.

Take a look at the slides below that highlights the pros and cons of the active threat planning options available.


Choosing the right active shooter training program:

PROS AND CONS of Options Available to Schools


Choosing the right active shooter training program


Choosing the right active shooter training program


Choosing Guardian Defense as your Expert Consultants and Trainers


We want to help you make your planning and procedures simplified. We do all the planning and preparing so that you can focus on the other issues that weigh heavy upon you as a leader and educator. Now is the time to prepare today for a safer tomorrow. Click here to make choosing the right active shooter training program for your school an easier one.

Guardian Defense also offers active threat response programs for businesses, places of worship, colleges/universities, and law enforcement officers. Please call us at 954-654-8912 to speak to a Safety Specialist today!