Christopher Troiano joined the Guardian Defense team in 2015. He specializes in teaching our Active Threat Response Programs for schools, businesses, and places of worship. Chris started off his career and tactical training, serving in the U.S. Coast Guard from in 1990-1996. During this time, Troiano was stationed at Jones Beach Long Island, and USCGC Cutter Mohawk 913 where he conducted countless marine vessel boardings from container and tanker ships to small vessels. He became a Police Officer in June 2008. Shortly thereafter, Troiano was selected to become a Field Training Officer. As a field Training Officer (FTO) his role was to train new recruits out of the academy in real life calls and tactics.

Later, Troiano was selected for the SWAT team and after being on the team for a period of time, advanced to a specialized team that conducts tactical operations in a marine environment. In addition, he is a member of the SWAT Sniper team.

Troiano has received advanced training at various tactical operation schools and seminars in order to stay current with the tactical situations in the environment today.

He also serves as a SWAT training instructor where he is responsible for running monthly training for the SWAT team. Along with his SWAT responsibilities, Troiano is a detective in a specialized unit tackling criminal offenses. He is the lead instructor for his unit’s firearms training.

In January 2017, Troiano and four of his peers (two of which are GD president, Steven S. Smith and GD instructor: Jared Gross) were awarded “Officer of the Year” recognition for their involvement in a hostage-rescue mission.

Troiano’s experience in law enforcement and his thorough training and knowledge in SWAT and tactics contributes to his success and competency as an instructor for Guardian Defense. In addition, his experience as a Field Training Officer, and as a SWAT training instructor has been valuable in adding to his ability to teach and train the public in active threat response protocols.

Christopher Troiano - Guardian Defense Instructor
Christopher Troiano engaging with the teachers and administration at Spanish River Christian School in Boca Raton, Florida.


What Our Clients Say About Chris!

“Chris was excellent. Made us feel at ease, yet empowered.”

-Participant from Katz Yeshiva High School