Active Threat Response Program for Schools (ATRPS): Parent Session- Saint Andrew’s School

A session regarding the teachings of the Active Threat Response Program for Schools (ATRPS) will be implemented to the parents at Saint Andrew’s School.


This session has been developed to provide information regarding the safety and security procedures the school has in place; and is planning for in the future.

Attendees will be provided a training session on how to respond to a threat while in public. The purpose of this session is to provide options to attendee and their family, as well as gain insight as to how the teachers and staff at Saint Andrew’s School are being taught to protect the students.

Parents will be given opportunity to ask questions regarding safety and security at Saint Andrew’s School.

Important to Note:

  • Due to the sensitivity of the information being presented, we ask that no children attend this session.
  • This session to last until about 10:15am.
  • This Parent Safety Session is the only session scheduled so please be sure to attend!