How to Survive a Riot or Demonstration Safely

You are in the city and suddenly a riot starts around you or close by….what should you do? Do you panic? Do you hide in the bathroom? Those who have thought through potentially dangerous situations and have a plan of action are more likely to react faster than those who do not. Read on to learn 7 key points on how to survive a riot or a demonstration safely and securely.

What is a Riot?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary,  a riot is a “tumultuous disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons assembled together and acting with a common intent”. In other words, a riot is non-peaceful occurrence and could easily have many negative safety repercussions. Peaceful protests, or “demonstrations,” can sometimes turn into riots endangering people involved or those passing by.

Riots can happen for many reasons but the most common is due to a civil unrest or civil breakdown. Recent riots in 2020 have led to injuries and deaths around the country. The best thing you can do to remain safe is to avoid a riot. Luckily, if you are caught in the middle of tumultuous situation, there are many things you can do to learn how to survive a riot.


7 Key Points on How to Survive a Riot or Demonstration That Turns out Wrong

#1: Know Your Surroundings and How Escape If You Have To

During tense times such as now, it is important to be familiar with public areas you may head to. Research unfamiliar areas ahead of time. If you find yourself stuck in an open-air environment during a riot, think about where you may be able to seek cover or concealment. If you are in a building, locate areas of evacuation, and also areas to safely isolate in.

#2: Stay Calm and Avoid Confrontation

Tense situations require a level of patience and communication. Some times, especially in instances of a riot, individuals can be unreasonable. The most important thing one can do is breath. As you breath, scan the area, then make a decision to avoid conflict and leave the area.

#3: Stay Together as a Group (If You Aren’t Alone)

While riots are occurring, find strength in numbers and travel with a companion or two. Discuss a plan ahead of time with your group to ensure you are all on the same page.

#4: Be Prepared to React

Have a plan ahead of time so that you may take swift action. Irrational reactions may lead to grave consequences. Think of yourself in the offensive position, rather than the defensive position.

#5: Move to Safety

In an open-air environment, especially, movement to an area of cover is best. If cover is unavailable, move to concealment.

#6: Barricade a Door if Necessary

In a closed environment, such as a building, moving to an area where you can isolate

yourself from the problem is imperative. Once there, learning steps to barricade a door

may just save your life.

how to barricade a door successfully, How to survive a riot

#7: Stay Informed about the Happenings Around You

Download local news apps to your phone and sign up for alerts so that you stay up to date with the latest information!

Riots cause disruption and leave people feeling unsafe. Thankfully, Guardian Defense is here to take care of you! Make sure to follow the 7 Key Points we mentioned earlier to know how to react in case you find yourself near a riot. Share them with your family, as they will reduce your chances of getting hurt.

The techniques mentioned on how to survive a riot or demonstration are also applicable to other threats like an active shooter scenario. An active shooter event continue to be a concern for the public. Learn how to prepare your schoolworkplaceplaces of worshipcollege, or law enforcement officers by visiting the corresponding links! Think through your plan and ACT!