How to Survive a Mass Shooting Workshop

Press Release- Local company will bring real-life strategies for surviving a mass shooting to the public at Nova Southeastern University

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April 14, 2017

Guardian Defense to offer workshop in response to mass shooting events that have affected Floridians, like the Fort Lauderdale Airport and Pulse Nightclub shootings, and throughout our nation.

Boca Raton, FL – Today, Guardian Defense announced it will be holding the How to Survive an Active Shooter workshop for civilians in the south Florida community. This interactive workshop will take place on Sunday, April 23, 2017 from 2pm-5pm, and will provide the community with a plan on how to respond should they be faced with a threat or gunman while in public.

“People do not need to be afraid to be with their families in public, but they do need to be prepared,” said Steven Smith creator of the workshop and co-founder of Guardian Defense. With just a little forward planning and quick conversation with loved ones, civilians will have a better chance of surviving a mass casualty event. “When I enter a public place, I identify the exits almost instantly. I also have a plan when I’m with my wife and kids that we discuss when we arrive.”

This workshop has been presented at various conferences over the past few years, but the most recent active shooter event at the Fort Lauderdale Airport prompted Guardian Defense to open this workshop to the public. “Our passion since we opened in 2013 is to prepare our schools for the worst-case scenario. There is not a national standard for school safety when it comes to threats on campus and I am looking to change that. As owner of this company and a current law enforcement officer who responded to the airport incident, I got first-hand experience of how these incidents affect our community. I gained a greater perspective in both the planning aspect, and the response aspect- and the impact it has on those around those involved,” Smith noted.

The workshop costs $97 per person, but Guardian Defense is currently offering a promotion for $47. There is no prerequisite for the workshop and adults and youth ages 15 and older are permitted with a parent or guardian.

The workshop is 3 hours long and consists of an interactive lecture and hands-on practice with caring for the critically wounded. Smith will address in great detail the Five Immediate Actions on how to respond to a threat as well as other key concepts for the public.

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About Steven S. Smith

Steven S. Smith, the President and Founder of Guardian Defense, offers active shooter training programs to staff within schools, colleges, churches, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and hospitals; in order to build confidence and save time in the event of an intruder, active shooter or killer, or other terror attack. Mr. Smith is a current certified law enforcement officer and has a range of experience on school and public safety, and investigation work. He is currently a team leader and instructor on the SWAT Team, for which he joined in 2009. Mr. Smith graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with a concentration in Criminal Justice, in 2005 from Nova Southeastern University.