Choose Your Active Threat Response Program for A Faith-Based Organization


Active Shooter Training for TemplesThe Active Threat Response Program for Churches & Places of Worship (ATRPW) is intended for any church, synagogue, mosque or any other faith-based organization or religious gathering place who wishes to enhance the safety of their members.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read about how our programs protect your place of worship and you have decided that working with Guardian Defense is the clearest choice.

Now, how do you choose where to start?

Start by looking at some of the options available to you and then schedule an appointment to speak with us. Our specialists will first want to learn more about your faith-based organization so they can make their recommendations for the best place to start.

Go ahead…read the options below then click on the button to schedule a time to speak so we can take one less weight off your shoulders!

Active Threat Response Program Options:



Active Threat Response Program: 1-Day Training for Staff

The Active Threat Response Program for Churches and Places of Worship (ATRPW) is a full 1-day training designed to give religious staff and volunteers the confidence needed in order to protect and defend their own lives; in the event of an intruder, active killer, or other terror attack.

This program includes:

  1. interactive lecture
  2. practical application
  3. scenario-based exercise model facilitated through a low participant to instructor ratio.



Active Threat Response Program: Lecture Only 

The Active Threat Response Program Lecture is a 4-hour interactive presentation on the importance of preparing for hostile intruders, active shooters, or other religious-motivated threats. Participants will learn how to create an individualized plan and incorporate that plan into their daily routine.



Campus Active Threat Survey: Confidential Report for Faith-Based Leaders

The Campus Active Threat Survey (CATS) is a confidential report generated after an evaluation of the campus grounds is completed. The report addresses security topics pertaining to various areas of physical security, and details of the security procedures in place. As part of the evaluation, our security specialists utilize a security concept called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). This concept is used in all areas of security planning and design, and has proven to be very effective in creating safe venues.

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We provide our active threat training programs at a discount to schools and non-profit agencies.