Our Team

Meet our team and learn why they are the reason schools, workplaces and law enforcement professionals have made Guardian Defense the #1 choice for active shooter training. Click here to learn more about our company and why their combined experiences makes them qualified and unique!


Steven S. Smith
Founder and President

Taylor Liput Smith: manager at Guardian Defense

Taylor L. Smith
Vice President of Operations

Lead Instructors

Carmelo Colon Jr.

Lead Instructor for Workplace Programs and Security Specialist

Carl D Hannold Jr.

Lead Instructor for Law Enforcement Programs


Zachary Baro - Guardian Defense Instructor

Zachary Baro

Erik Kirtman - Guardian Defense Instructor

Erik Kirtman

Dustin Miller - Guardian Defense Instructor

Dustin Miller

Donald Geiger GD Instructor

Donald Geiger

Michael Muccino - Guardian Defense Instructor

Michael Muccino

Ryan Ijames

Ryan Ijames

Jared Gross - Guardian Defense Instructor

Jared Gross

Single Officer Response Course

Christopher Troiano