Active Shooter Training for all Organizations


To empower faculty, staff and law enforcement with the knowledge, tactics and philosophies necessary to protect and defend innocent lives and minimize mass casualties in the event of an intruder, active killer or other terror attack; through active shooter training and lectures.



School Violence and Active Shooter Training Program for Schools and Teachers: A.C.T. (Assess, Challenge and Train) School Program

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Active Shooter Training Program for College and University Staff and Students: A.C.T. (Assess, Challenge and Train) Collegiate Program

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Active Shooter Training Program for Churches and Other Faith-Based Organization Staff: A.C.T. (Assess, Challenge and Train) Church Program

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Active Shooter Training Program for Hospital Staff: A.C.T. (Assess, Challenge and Train) Hospital Program

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Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Training for Businesses and Employees: A.C.T. (Assess, Challenge and Train) Business Program

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Single Officer Active Shooter Response Course: Active Shooter Training Program for Law Enforcement

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Chief Robbie Blish

Woodstock Police Department

On behalf of the Woodstock Police Department, I wish to thank you and your team for your hard work and efforts in helping to bring the Single Officer Response to Active Shooter Course to Woodstock. The importance of this training cannot be overstated. Your superb professionalism and skill in presenting the concepts and techniques involved in the [course] greatly enhanced the ability of all of the officers to grasp the material. This will, undoubtedly, allow the officers to be able to confront future threats, should the need arise, and win, thus saving lives.

Melanie Schrul 
Executive Director

BOMA Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beaches

Steven Smith is professional, knowledgeable and a great speaker. His presentation was dynamic and fluid. Steven was able to relate to our audience of commercial property managers and service providers. He gave us 5 tips to make sure we know what to do in the event of a violent situation at work. It’s scary but necessary to be prepared. The lessons we learned will greatly benefit us if we ever need to take action, to hopefully stay safe and unharmed.

Peg Gray

Middle School Principal Spanish River Christian School

This was the most valuable training I have ever experienced, and I know that the Middle School Team echoes my assessment. Your team is exceptional -- professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, and "down to earth." The most important lesson I learned is that if we have an incident, we have tools and strategies that we can use to defend ourselves. Prior to the training, I just figured we would have "no chance." The training was incredibly empowering! If there is anything else I can do to help other schools understand the value of this training, please do not hesitate to contact me. The skills we learned are truly life-saving.


Why do you need lockdown drill procedures? Administrators at schools and in the workplace have many things to oversee, not just for academics and enrichment, but also for safety. Use this as a guide to conducting the drills from start to finish.

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On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza moved around Sandy Hook Elementary with unrestricted access to victims and executed our most vulnerable and precious gems with minimal resistance. The attack resulted in one of the nation’s most horrific and emotional tragedies involving our schools.

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How can you plan for an active shooter in the workplace? Most businesses have policies in place outlining responses to different types of crises. Every business follows fire codes and many have a response plan in place for critical incidents such as a bomb threat. The same concept of writing policies, creating a plan, training staff, and then practicing these procedures does not apply as it should regarding an armed or violent intruder, or a disgruntled employee. Building a plan for this type of event is critical to ward off an active shooter attack in the workplace.

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Guardian Defense is looking for volunteers across the country to help spread the word about the A.C.T. School Program: safety development and active shooter training for schools. Specifically, we are looking for interested persons who have experience in the following areas:

  • Social Media Alerts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)
  • Newsletter Development
  • Blog Writing
  • Marketing
  • Grant Writing (please see the “Guardian Campaign” tab)

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The A.C.T. School Program was designed to empower teachers to have the confidence to ACT in the event of a high-risk situation at their school. We want to be able to bring this active shooter training program to every school in America. If you have experience in grant writing, and are interested in volunteering your services, please contact Guardian Defense immediately.

Please help our schools become safer! It is virtually impossible to eliminate all threats against our children, but what we can do is work to prevent great tragedies from occurring. Adding lockdown procedures to a school’s emergency plan is the first step. All schools, both public and private, must create lockdown procedures and practice them with the staff and students. Once procedures are initiated, all schools need to practice for lockdowns on a monthly basis. Doing lockdown drill exercises on an ongoing basis are highly effective after taking our active shooter training program and a preventive strategy because students and staff practice for fires monthly and a child has not died in a school fire since the 1950s. Great measures have been taken to install fire alarms, create fire codes and require monthly fire drills at schools. These same measures and line of thinking is extremely important when discussing hostile intruders and active shooters. Although no one can guarantee that the lockdown drills will prevent deaths, it can help in mitigating mass casualties. Guardian Defense urges parents and school administrators nationwide to take a stand and push for lockdown procedures and lockdown drills in our schools. To start taking a stand, contact your local legislatures and let them know you demand monthly lockdown drills in all schools.

This needs to be done nationwide. For information in Florida, please contact the following legislatures:

Representative Adkins
K-12 Subcommittee

Representative O’Toole
Education Committee

Representative Bileca
Choice and Innovation Subcommittee

You may also sign our petition on Facebook Causes.