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Do you feel prepared for an intruder in the workplace and in public? Our mission is to empower teachers, staff and law enforcement with the knowledge and tactics necessary to protect and defend innocent lives and minimize mass casualties in the event of an intruder, active killer or other terror attack. Developed and taught by current law enforcement officers who have experience working directly with schools and businesses, our programs revolutionize the way these entities plan and prepare for an active threat on campus. Navigate through our website and learn about what makes our team the #1 choice for active shooter training for schools, businesses, and law enforcement officers. Finally, be sure to view our video below. Simply enter your email address to access a brief, yet informative video training.

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School Violence and Active Shooter Training Program for Schools and Teachers: Active Threat Response Programs

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Active Shooter Training Program for Colleges and University Staff and Students: Active Threat Response Programs

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Active Shooter Training Program for Churches and other Faith-Based Organizations: Active Threat Response Programs

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Training Programs for Unarmed Security Guards, Armed Security Guards and for Security Guards Management Teams

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Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Training for Businesses: Active Threat Response Programs

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Single Officer Active Shooter Response Course: Active Shooter Training Program for Law Enforcement

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Jenna Gasner

Director of Operations, Jewish Leadership Academy in Miami, FL

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for inspiring the JLA staff today. I think everyone walked away feeling good about today's sessions. I have been a part of many drill scenarios and by far your methods and instructors are far beyond the best I have experienced.

Jennifer Lohrmann: Gas Sales & Marketing Manager

Michigan-Based Energy Company

At our company, we put the health and safety of people first. Guardian Defense helped us empower our employees with the knowledge necessary to protect and defend life thus minimizing mass casualties in the event of an active shooter. The Guardian Defense Active Threat Response Program received a 4.72 out of 5.00 for effectiveness based on survey results (47 responses). In addition, employees shared what actions they would take if faced with an active threat and what learnings they will incorporate into their daily routines. Thanks to the Guardian Defense team for sharing your knowledge and experience to help us prepare today for a safer tomorrow! Many thanks to both you and Don Geiger for superior customer service. Much appreciated!!

Stacy Jackson: Business Continuity Manager

Suncoast Credit Union- Tampa, FL

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Guardian Defense. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from those that attended training last week. A number of people have even stopped by my office to let me know their feelings about the training. Jared has been receiving rave reviews for his presentation and engagement with the audience. I witnessed a number of employees extend complements to him out in the hallway, lobby, and immediately following class during one-on-one conversations. It would be an understatement to say he did a great job.


Why do you need lockdown drill procedures? Administrators at schools and in the workplace have many things to oversee, not just for academics and enrichment, but also for safety. Use this as a guide to conducting the drills from start to finish.

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On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza moved around Sandy Hook Elementary with unrestricted access to victims and executed our most vulnerable and precious gems with minimal resistance. The attack resulted in one of the nation’s most horrific and emotional tragedies involving our schools.

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How can you plan for an active shooter in the workplace? Most businesses have policies in place outlining responses to different types of crises. Every business follows fire codes and many have a response plan in place for critical incidents such as a bomb threat. The same concept of writing policies, creating a plan, training staff, and then practicing these procedures does not apply as it should regarding an armed or violent intruder, or a disgruntled employee. Building a plan for this type of event is critical to ward off an active shooter attack in the workplace.

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Volunteer With Us: Be a Part of Something Big!

Guardian Defense is looking for volunteers across the nation to help share our passion in preparing our schools and workplaces for danger, threats and terrorism. Our active shooter training programs have impacted thousands of lives and counting. Be a part of our movement and help us get the word out there!  Specifically, we are looking for interested persons who have experience in the following areas:

  • Social Media Alerts
  • Blog Writing/ Newsletters
  • Marketing
  • Grant Writing (Read more here)

Guardian Defense Volunteer Application.

Guardian Campaign: Train Every School

Training our teachers and staff on how to respond to a threat on campus must become a #1 priority in our schools. The development of the Active Threat Response Program (ATRP) for Schools empowers teachers and staff to have the confidence to take action in the event of a threat or high-risk situation on campus.

We want to be able to bring this active shooter training program to every school in America regardless of budget restrictions.

If you have experience in grant writing and recognize the importance of this cause, please contact Guardian Defense immediately.

Lockdown Campaign: Policy-Train-Drill

Please help our schools become safer! With a rise in mass shooting and mass killing events in schools, the workplace, and public places in recent years, it is now the responsibility of us all to make our schools better prepared for a threat. Help us to mandate our schools to become better prepared for an active threat by utilizing these three key strategies: POLICY-TRAIN-DRILL.

Schools, both public and private, must be expected to start by having a written policy for emergency lockdown procedures as they pertain to threats on campus. School administrators are responsible for informing their staff of these procedures and providing response training to their staff. Finally, schools must incorporate lockdown drills on a regular basis. It is extremely important that legislation is passed and a national initiative is created to encourage all schools to incorporate emergency lockdown policy, training and drilling into their annual calendar.

One of the best analogies we can use to display the effectiveness of creating these three strategies: policy, training and drilling in our schools is the initiative that was taken to prevent the loss of a life by a school fire. Through this nationwide initiative, measures are taken to include the installation of the proper equipment, education and training for staff and students, and mandatory monthly fire drills. Due to this widespread fire prevention campaign, we have not had a student die in a school fire since the 1950s. Utilizing these strategies and applying it to the reoccurring issue of active killers in our country is imperative.

Contact us directly to find out more information about initiating a lockdown campaign in your school district and to make sure Policy-Train-Drill becomes a formality in our schools and community!

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