Bringing our programs to YOU

Are you a concerned parent, teacher, staff member, or principal of a school OR an employee or employer who would like to bring our program to your school or establishment? GREAT! We can help! Here is how:

Contact Guardian Defense directly

Join our ACT Referral Program and present our information! The ACT Referral Program provides compensation to any person who initiates a meeting with an employer, and the employer in turn accepts the program. Please contact Guardian Defense for more information. In the meantime:

  •  Teachers and staff members can discuss our program with their principal or head of security;
  • Parents can present our information at Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings;
  • Employees can present our information to their employer;


Guardian Defense is looking for volunteers across the country to help spread the word about the A.C.T. School Program. Specifically, we are looking for interested persons who have experience in the following areas:

  • Social media alerts  (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)
  • Newsletter development
  • Blog writing
  • Marketing
  • Grant writing  (please see the “Guardian Campaign tab”)

Guardian Campaign

The A.C.T. School Program was designed to empower teachers to have the confidence to ACT in the event of a high-risk situation at their school. We want to be able to bring this program to every school in America. If you have experience in grant writing, and are interested in volunteering your services, please contact Guardian Defense immediately.


Lockdown Campaign: Policy-Train-Drill

Please help our schools become safer! With a rise in mass shooting and mass killing events in schools, the workplace, and public places in recent years, it is now the responsibility of us all to make our schools better prepared for a threat. Help us to mandate our schools to become better prepared for an active threat by utilizing these three key strategies: POLICY-TRAIN-DRILL.

Schools, both public and private, must be expected to start by having a written policy for emergency lockdown procedures. School administrators are responsible for making their staff aware of these procedures and providing response training to their staff. Finally, schools must incorporate lockdown drills on a regular basis. It is incredibly important that legislation is passed and a national initiative is created to get all schools to incorporate emergency lockdown policy, training and drilling into their annual calendar.

One of the best analogies we can use to display the effectiveness of creating policy, training and drilling in our schools is the initiative that was taken to prevent the loss of a life by a school fire. There have been great measures taken to prevent death by fire by installing the proper equipment, education and training, and mandating monthly fire drills in schools. Fortunately, we have not had a student die in a school fire since the 1950s. Utilizing this strategy and applying it to the major issue our country is experiencing with active killers is imperative.

Contact us directly to find out more information about initiating a lockdown campaign in your school district and to make sure Policy-Train-Drill becomes a formality in our schools and community!