active shooter training for schools, example for a lockdown drill exerciseActive Shooter Training For Schools


With a great deal of media attention on active shooter incidents, many wonder why violence has suddenly overtaken our schools.

Many do not know that violence in our schools has existed, particularly in terms of mass killings, since the early 20th century.

 The school shootings at Columbine, Sandy Hook, and  Marjory Stoneman Douglas, have shaken our communities and have left an impact on us all. Active shooter incidents and other threatening events in our schools are becoming more evident each day. The need to protect children in our schools is more important than ever.

What is Active Shooter Training?


The FBI defines active shooter as, “an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area”. The term active shooter training is understood as a series of training strategies designed to minimize mass causalities in the event of an active shooter or active threat. Due to the unique nature of our schools, active shooter training for schools must be customized to meet the needs of the school community.


Why is Active Shooter Training Important for Schools?


Unfortunately, when an active shooter enters a school, teachers, staff and administrators are not aware of how to respond to the situation. Although the police officers, firefighters, and EMTs know how to respond when they arrive at the scene, by then it is too late. Most of the killing has been done minutes before these personnel arrive. 

That is the reason why Guardian Defense created their Active Threat Response Program for Schools. In order to protect the students, we must teach and empower the true first responders who are the teachers, staff, and administrators. 

5 Important Tips for Your School!


  1. Develop policies made specifically for threats on campus.
  2. Provide threat response training to all teachers and school staff
  3. Ensure your active shooter training for schools is the right fit for your school.
  4. Conduct active threat drills with students and staff that are practiced regularly.
  5. Secure your school with visual deterrents and other security measures.
    • Examples: site survey, school resource officers, security officers, single point entry, locked exterior doors, security cameras, identification for all visitors and staff, perimeter gates, alarm systems, etc.

For more helpful tips, check out our Must-Read Active Shooter Response Guide.

Why Choose Guardian Defense?


  1. We focus on empowering students and staff to REACT if faced with violent intruders.
  2. Our team is made up of current law enforcement officers, retired military personnel, and mental health professionals.
  3. Our instructors have been selected for their experience as officers and their firsthand experience working with schools. They possess the qualifications to develop emergency lockdown drill procedures, provide feedback for drills, and change policies to improve police response to schools.
  4. Our team’s experience, combined with a calm, yet deliberate approach is unparalleled to any other active shooter training program for schools in the nation.

Our teachers and staff are the first line of defense. They become the true first responders in protecting the students and themselves from violent attacks.

Every moment that goes by during a violent incident puts another life at risk.