Company Overview


Guardian Defense offers active threat response training programs designed and tailored specifically for schools, colleges/universities, places of worship, hospitals, businesses and law enforcement officers. Our programs transform the way employers and staff respond to an active threat.

Guardian Defense was founded in 2013 by current law enforcement officer, Steven S. Smith. Distressed by the tragic events such as the Beslan school hostage crisis in Beslan, North Ossetia-Alaina, Russia, and the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, Detective Smith created the A.C.T. (Assess, Challenge and Train) School Program to give the true “first responders” (faculty and staff) the confidence to cope with critical incidents on school grounds until professional first responders (police and fire) arrive.

This program was first implemented at a private school in Florida in 2013, and has since been implemented to thousands of staff in schools and workplaces. The ACT School Program has now evolved to become the Active Threat Response Program (ATRP) and offers a variety of practical options for every staff size and working professional. Guardian Defense also expanded to offer single officer response training to law enforcement officers and civilian response courses.

Our programs are intended for any school or private business who recognize the need to enhance the safety at their establishment; as well as for armed professionals who have a duty to respond and eliminate a threat. Please look around our website to learn how we empower staff to take action!


What makes Guardian Defense QUALIFIED and UNIQUE?


There are a host of reasons why our team is qualified to train you and your workplace; and why we possess unique skills that set us apart from the rest.

  • Current Law Enforcement Officers as Program Developers and Instructors

Experiences applied to our programs:

  1. Real-world experience responding to active shooter and critical incidents
  2. Direct experience working with schools and businesses to develop safety plans prior to working for Guardian Defense
  3. Insight into confidential information and analysis of prior mass casualty incidents
  4. Current knowledge on laws and trends pertaining to school and corporate safety
  5. Up-to-date on latest crime trends and preventative measures
  6. Specialized certifications in items like crime prevention surveys
  7. Decades of experience developing up-to-date curriculum
  8. Experience recognizing a community need and executing a plan to tackle that need
  • Prior and/or Current SWAT Team Members or Military Experience

Experience applied to our programs:

  1. Real-world experience developing scenario-based exercises that produce effective outcomes
  2. Experience in de-escalation techniques and how to handle high-intensity situations
  3. Team building mentality
  4. Drive to achieve and make an impact on their community
  • All Programs Reviewed by Mental Health Professional Before Implemented

All civilian programs are reviewed by a mental health professional before implementation to ensure programming is appropriate to the audience in which the training is being delivered.

  • Adaptability to Audience

All instructors are frequently complimented for how well they connect with the audience. Guardian Defense instructors are carefully selected to make sure they possess the ability to connect to the culture of the organization that they train. Due to the serious, yet sensitive nature of the information that is often presented, our instructors find the perfect balance of reading their audience and responding appropriately.

  • Passion and Determination

Our team consists of parents of children young and old who see a deficiency of safety in our schools, workplaces and public arenas. They are the type of people who share a passion for making a change in their community and role-model this determination through their actions.

  • Excellent Customer Service

The Guardian Defense team strives to make every interaction with a member of the community positive. We want that person to feel the passion that we possess; and for every interaction with us to be of value.

Due to the high-level of experience of our instructors, they are recognized as active shooter experts from both the law enforcement and civilian end. Click here to meet the members of our team.


Our Mission Statement


Guardian Defense’s mission is to empower teachers, staff and law enforcement with the knowledge and tactics necessary to protect and defend innocent lives and minimize mass casualties in the event of an intruder, active threat or terror attack.


Our Vision Statement: POLICY-TRAIN-DRILL


At Guardian Defense, we envision all schools and workplaces to adapt our initiative of “Policy-Train-Drill.” We expect every school and business to develop a policy for active threat response that enhances security and planning for the worst-case scenario. We expect schools and businesses to train and prepare for an intruder or active killer, as one would train and prepare for fires, natural disasters, and other critical incidents. Finally, we expect schools and workplaces to implement their policies and training by conducting drills regularly.