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Active Shooter Training for CollegesCollege and university campuses are unique venues in our nation due to their open-access nature while simultaneously housing of young adults. Many colleges even have daycare centers and K-12 schools on-site.

The pros of what makes colleges and universities so special, such as free-speech, 24/7 access on campus and events open to the community can also be viewed as a vulnerability when it comes to safety and security. Click here to read more about the safety challenges that college campuses face.

Guardian Defense has developed specialized programs particularly for college campuses to address these vulnerabilities and ensure students, staff and the members of the community feel safe when on campus.

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Active Threat Response Program for Colleges Options:



Active Threat Response Program: 1-Day Training for Employees

The Active Threat Response Program for College Employees (ATRPCE) is a full 1-day training designed to provide staff the confidence needed in order to protect and defend themselves and possibly others; in the event of an intruder, active killer, or other terror attack. The program is broken down into a variety of teaching models including an interactive lecture, practical application, and scenario-based exercise model facilitated through a low participant to instructor ratio. Half-day trainings and multiple course offerings make it practical for employees with varying schedules to attend.



Active Threat Response Program: Half-Day Training for Students

The Active Threat Response Program for College Students (ATRPCS) is a half-day training designed to provide participants with the confidence needed in order to protect and defend themselves and possibly others; in the event of an intruder, active killer, or other terror attack. The program is broken down into a variety of teaching models including an interactive lecture and practical application. The training will conclude with several scenario-based exercises.



Active Threat Response Management for Security: Half-Day Training

(Pre-Requisite: Completion of Active Threat Responses Program for College Employees)

The Active Threat Response Program: Management for Security (ATRPMS) is designed for unarmed and armed college security officers who do not have a duty to neutralize a threat. Security directors and their team will learn their role for managing a threat that is off-campus, but close by, as well as how to keep their campus trained and prepared for a threat. After the security director and team participate in the training, a GD Instructor will work one on one with the security director over several sessions to apply the information that has been taught.



Single Officer Active Shooter Response Course

(Pre-Requisite: Certified Law Enforcement Officer)

The Single Officer Active Shooter Response Course (SOASRC) is a specialized training for current law enforcement officers who have a duty to respond to a threat, such as an active shooter, violent intruder or other terror attack. Police departments are moving away from the Quick Action Deployment (QuAD) teams, where a first arriving officer on scene must wait for 3 or more officers before moving towards the threat. Now, more than ever, we recognize the need for officers to be trained in a single officer approach to decrease the injuries and deaths caused by mass casualty killings. This three-day course hosted by the college will prepare individual officers to respond quickly and confidently to the threat through a mixture of classroom teaching, elaborate scenario-based training, and isolation drills.



Campus Active Threat Survey: Confidential Report for College Administrators

The Campus Active Threat Survey (CATS) is a confidential report generated after an evaluation of the campus grounds is completed. The report addresses security topics pertaining to various areas of physical security, and details of the security procedures in place. As part of the evaluation, our security specialists utilize a security concept called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). This concept is used in all areas of security planning and design, and has proven to be very effective in creating safe venues.



Full-Scale Active Threat Response Program for Colleges

Due to the varying sizes, needs and emergency management systems at each college and university, Guardian Defense and administration will collectively work together to design a package encompassing the programs listed above. Included in this package will be a number of consulting sessions to ensure all programs are implemented effectively. Guardian Defense utilizes a model of objectives and actions to cover each month and makes modifications based on the needs of the campus.

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