Virtual Active Shooter Training for Businesses


Have you been searching tirelessly for the ideal active shooter training that offers

quality content, accessibility to your employees, and affordability during these unforeseen times?

Have you been concerned about the safety of your employees and how to

protect your brand from litigation should an active shooter or workplace violence incident occur?

Guardian Defense understands the concerns of organizations like your and created many options for workplaces

both live and virtual! If you are looking for an online, e-learning experience, you’ve come to the right place!


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Hi! We’re Taylor Smith and Steven Smith, Co-Founders of Guardian Defense.

We help owners, HR directors, heads of security, and employees at organizations who are worried about the safety of their staff and brand.

They are often concerned about how to properly prepare their workplace for incidents such as an active shooter or workplace violence incident.

They are often frustrated by the lack of workplace safety standards and resources available.

We know this topic is important to you and your organization. Although we offer in-person training options, that may not be feasible or realistic for your team.

If you find training videos are the best option for you, we urge you to consider our Active Threat Response E-Learning Program. This program is split into 6 Modules. The first Module focuses on understanding why this situation is so unique for administrators and staff to manage. Modules 2-6 dive right into 5 different options you can utilize in any situation if you are faced with a threat.

After completing the Modules, you and your team will know you were provided with valuable, life-saving lessons that builds confidence in your co-workers.

Contact our office to learn more about this video training AND how we make customized e-learning options for your workplace!

You’ll be glad you are… preparing today for a safer tomorrow!!!

Our Online Active Shooter Training Features

Quality Instructors & Content Curriculum developed by active police officer and SWAT Team Leader, Steven S. Smith, who specializes in threat response. He responded to 2 active shooter events and other critical incidents in his career.
Appropriate Content Curriculum reviewed by mental health professional for appropriateness in the workplace.
Accessible Guardian Defense’s online training video makes it easy to share with your employees whether they’re in the office or working remotely.
Affordable Our e-learning model offers an affordable option to live training, without sacrificing content.
Peace of Mind for Your Employees Although the likelihood of an active shooter event is statistically low, threats still exist in your workplace. Many employees express uncertainty of how to handle threats like intruders, violent guests or co-workers. Providing this curriculum instills confidence and let’s you rest easy at night knowing you care about their well-being.
Peace of Mind for Your Brand Let’s face it. If an active shooter or other violent event occurred at your workplace there are going to be massive financial deficits. Your insurance company, lawyers, employees, their loved ones and your community will want to know: “What did you do to prevent this from happening?” Be ready to answer with training that mitigated mass casualties and empowered your team to take action when faced with a threat!

Our E-Learning Active Threat Response Training Curriculum

The Active Threat Response Training E-Learning course is divided into 6 attention-grabbing modules totaling in almost 2 hours of critical content! The separate modules allows employers to choose the time period they expect their employees to complete the modules! Participants learn why an active threat situation differs from other emergencies, and 5 immediate actions they can use when faced with a threat! Your employees will be grateful for the information they learn and can take back to their families.

Ready to Learn More?

Call our office at 561-419-8869 or schedule an appointment to speak to one of our Safety Specialists about our virtual active shooter training.

Personalized Options for Online Active Shooter Training

Do you want a virtual, e-learning platform like mentioned above, but personalized to your workplace? We have JUST the solution for you! Contact us to learn how we personalize our curriculum so your employees know you went the extra mile to provide a customized training for them!