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*Photo Courtesy of Cambridge Security Services

Armed guards are the #1 type of guard that clients seek when they want to protect their employees, residents or community. Security guard training is essential to any security guard company. Your customers want to trust that you have provided your armed guards with the proper training.

Given the faith that they put in you as the security guard company owner, it is imperative you provide them with the most qualified armed security guards in Florida and beyond.

Armed Security Guard Training: The Right Solution for Your Armed Security Guards

participants in Guardian Defense's armed security guard training
*Photo Courtesy of Cambridge Security Services

Training for your armed security guards allows you to let your officers go out into the field with confidence. It creates

  • trust in your company from the community,
  • trust from your clients, and
  • empowers your security guards to make the right decisions with the provided equipment.

Clients are no longer seeking just any armed security guard. Instead, many seek a guard with law enforcement or military background due to the tactical experience they have with a firearm. Your company can offer that same caliber and quality guard through the proper training experience with Guardian Defense.

Most importantly, training also protects your company. We understand that even with the most proactive and alert security guards, incidents may still occur on their clock. Despite all of your training efforts, lawsuits are inevitable. The best thing you can do IF and WHEN that time occurs is to have all the safety training records. Consequentially, the documentation to support the training we provide to your security guards is critical against lawsuits.

The Best Instructors in Florida

Imagine when you tell clients the best instructors in Florida trained your guards! Our instructors are active law enforcement officers and SWAT team members who are current in their experience and instruction. Guardian Defense instructors are seasoned instructors with a law enforcement and military background and can put real live examples behind their lessons.

Guardian Defense instructors are carefully selected for their experience, passion for teaching, and their ability to communicate respectfully with their audience.

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