Why did we create an active shooter training for churches and places of worship?


Places of worship, such as churches, temples, monasteries and mosques, are sacred to so many people in our country and where so many go to find peace and solace.

In addition, faith-based organizations are often open and welcoming to any and all individuals, which provides both comfort and a sense of community to all members. Sadly, this can also leave the place of worship susceptible to be targeted in an act of violence. 

Active shooter and active killer incidents are sporadic and unpredictable. At Guardian Defense, we provide comprehensive training programs to equip members of these faith based organizations with the tools and insight to protect themselves and those around them from a vicious attack.

Unfortunately, just like we see with our children’s schools, there is no place that is immune to an evil attack.


Many people find comfort in relying on their faith to get them through troubled times. Faith is a powerful feeling to many and is translated in the form of prayer. In the instance of an immediate threat or danger, while prayer is an important action to people of faith, we encourage taking quick, decisive action in addition to prayers.

Therefore, we must take action in saving our lives and potentially others if a violent intruder enters through these peaceful gates.

Just like most of us have trained in our current positions for fire safety and natural disasters, we must also have the mindset to get educated in active shooter training for our place of worship.

What Makes Our Active Shooter Training For Churches Outstanding


Due to the specific needs of faith-based organizations, Guardian Defense has created a customized active shooter training program. This program is designed for churches and places of worship to meet the needs of each unique faith-based organization.

Active shooter training for churches and places of worship encompasses:

  • education,
  • drills
  • safety enhancements for the physical building or location

Guardian Defense understands that churches and other places of worship require a specialized approach to training that may differ from that of a school or business. For instance, it is important to ensure that all attendees are up to date on safety procedures. In addition, it is necessary to utilize safety enhancements that do not compromise the welcoming and open nature of these religious organizations. Therefore, we provide customized training that will address these issues and save lives if a violent incident occurs.

For more helpful tips, check out our Must-Read Active Shooter Response Guide.

It is time for us to improve safety in our places of worship. To do so, we need to create clear, written procedures and training for all staff and attendees.