Schedule Keynote Speaker Steven S. Smith to Speak About Active Shooter Topics At Your Next Conference

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Guardian Defense Founder and President, Steven S. Smith, has been hired as a speaker at a range of settings for his expertise in active shooter training, school violence prevention, safety plan development, workplace violence prevention and tactical law enforcement training.

Presentation Topics

  • *Parkland Lessons Learned: Training and Communication (customized to civilian and police audiences)
  • 3 Must-Do’s to Build an Effective Threat Response Plan for Your Workplace/School
  • A Duty to Act: The Need for Workplaces/Schools to Provide Active Shooter Training
  • When Terror Strikes at a Youth Sporting Event: Planning and Response
  • Safety Team Building for Your Place of Worship

Other topics available upon request… 

*Most Requested Presentation

If you are interested in hiring Steven or someone else on our team for your next conference or speaking engagement, please contact our office at (561) 419-8869 or send an email to [email protected]

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“I’ve just returned from a 3-day learning opportunity at the Athletic Business Show Convention. I sat in on many seminars and panels where I learned strategies for improving our youth sports department but I must say I gained the most from participating in your seminar presented by Steven Smith. I am a mother of four who has spent the last 12 years of motherhood AVOIDING the discussion of active shooters; avoidance has been my best coping strategy. I tear up at the mention of Sandy Hook and I wasn’t sure I could emotionally handle this session but as the new Youth Sports Coordinator at a Jewish Community Center I knew I had to “man-up” for the sake of my athletes and families. Can I just tell you – I entered that room fearful and uneasy. I knew the discussions were going to push my limits. I left feeling empowered, confident, and eager to get back to work and begin sharing what I learned. Thank you again for presenting.” 

Lorin Titus, Health and Wellness Programming Coordinator, Jewish Educational Alliance