Choose Your Single Officer Active Shooter Response Course


Single Officer Active Shooter ResponseGuardian Defense’s 3-day Single Officer Active Shooter Response Course was created to provide certified law enforcement officers with the training needed to respond to an active killer situation in a public or private venue.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to read more about this active shooter training for law enforcement and learn why this course is so important. Then, come back to this page and see the best options available to get you trained.

Our instructors are guided by our lead instructor who has over three decades of law enforcement and military experience. Our lead instructor has also worked many years in the training unit within his police department, training 500+ sworn officers in single officer response on a weekly basis.

There are two options for officers to attend this course. Please take a moment to review the options below and then click here to schedule an appointment to speak to one of our Safety Specialists!

Single Officer Active Shooter Response Course Options:



If you have a number of law enforcement officers from the same agency or region interested in the course, the agency can become a hosting agency. The minimum number of participants to hold a course is 14 and the instructor to participant ratio is 1:8. The hosting agency will be responsible for providing the training space and assisting in filling the seats (whether with their own officers or with co-marketing to other agencies). The hosting site will receive 1 free officer per every 14 paid officers. Please click here to speak in further detail about hosting this course.


To attend this course independently, please click on the link below to see course offerings in your area or throughout the nation. If you are looking to attend with more than one co-worker, or your agency is interested in hosting a program, please scroll up to learn more about becoming a hosting agency.


To learn about the next course offering, call (561) 419-8869. To host this course, please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Safety Specialists today!

To view, share or print our SOASRC Brochure, please click here.