Robb Elementary shooting 15 Ways to Act Now

Robb Elementary Shooting: 15 Ways to Act Now

Robb Elementary School Shooting on May 24, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas

In light of the Robb Elementary shooting, President Biden called on us to act. Act, so these horrific attacks in our schools and public places stop. Our consulting firm was formed as a direct result of a similar incident nearly a decade ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Since that time we have dedicated ourselves to empower others to act.

The solution to handling active shooter or mass killing events is not easy. Not one approach, company, or avenue can be the sole answer. As industry leaders, we must stay in our lane of expertise. We do this by providing as much knowledge as we can to the public in our mission to mitigate mass casualties. We work every day to honor the lives lost at the Robb Elementary shooting.

15 Ways to Act Now in Response to Robb Elementary Shooting

With no country-wide safety standards for how schools should plan and respond to threats on campus, we experience a wide variety of training, or lack there of, in our schools. Below, we will highlight a few ways to act right now whether you are a school administrator, a teacher or staff member, or a parent.

5 Ways to Act Now as a School Administrator

  1. Ensure you have a written plan in place that addresses all types of emergencies, from an active shooter on campus, to a police perimeter down the street, to a severe weather alert, to a medical incident, and so on.
  2. Educate teachers and staff on this plan and incorporate into new hire orientation.
  3. Provide training in response options to your team and incorporate into new hire orientation.
  4. Run drills regularly for all types of emergencies, not just fires.
  5. If one or more of the above mentioned actions are incomplete, make a plan TODAY to get these up to date. It is YOUR responsibility to provide this information.

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5 Ways to Act Now as a Teacher or Staff Member

  1. Speak with your students about a Lockdown in an age and developmentally-appropriate manner.
  2. Inform students what your role is during a Lockdown.
  3. Explain to students what is expected of them during a Lockdown.
  4. Rehearse your plan in your head, within your classroom, and school-wide through drills.
  5. Demand administration address gaps in written plans and training.

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5 Ways to Act Now as a Parent of School-Aged Children

  1. Speak regularly with your child about safety in public, just as you may talk about stranger safety, crossing a street safely, and inappropriate touching.
  2. Based on age and maturity, use incidents such as the Robb Elementary shooting as talking points with your older children. These are opportunities to discuss options for safety; and also to check in on how they are coping with these tragedies.
  3. Seek a mental health professional if you believe your child is having trouble coping with a tragedy like this; or if you believe your child may be showing signs of harming others.
  4. Rehearse your plan in your head. As the parent, make yourself aware of exits and areas to secure in when in public.
  5. Demand your child’s school address gaps in written plans and training.

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School Safety Standards

Remember we mentioned the lack of school safety standards? Guardian Defense developed POLICY-TRAIN-DRILL as a standard for all schools we work with and beyond. The POLICY-TRAIN-DRILL School Safety Standard ensures a comprehensive approach to planning for, and responding to, threats on site.

Robb Elementary shooting

Our sincerest condolences to those victims, your families, the survivors, and all involved in the Robb Elementary shooting. We will continue to work every day for you and all the past victims of these tragedies.

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