active shooter training for hospital staffActive Shooter Training for Hospital Staff 

Active shooter training for hospital staff is gaining more popularity each day. The program that we have available is known as the Active Threat Response Program for Hospitals (ATRPH). This program is designed to provide staff with the confidence needed in order to protect and defend their own lives, and any dependents; in the event of an intruder, active shooter or killer, or other terror attack. We also offer a workplace violence prevention piece that is essential in recognizing and acting upon indicators of violence.

The active shooter training for hospital staff program is intended for any hospital, medical complex, or assisted living facility.

Because each hospital has their own specific needs, >>schedule an appointment with us<< or call Guardian Defense at (561) 419-8869 to receive more information about what we do to empower staff with a plan.

Guardian Defense is located in south Florida; however, we make our active shooter training programs available throughout the nation.