Las Vegas shooting

Las Vegas Shooting: How to Plan for Threats in Public Venues

The Shooting in Las Vegas occurred on Sunday, October 1, 2017 at a country concert by Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although most definitive details and facts are too premature to release at this moment, the following is reported to be known.

Information on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas Reported at this Time

  • The Las Vegas shooting began around 10:00pm PT.
  • Police identified the shooter as 64 year-old, Stephen Paddock.
  • Suspect shot from a hotel room on the 32nd floor possibly utilizing a semi-automatic rifle.
  • Gunman was found dead in hotel room with over 10 weapons.
  • Believed to be a “lone wolf” attack, meaning that there are no other suspects at this time.
  • Not believed to be a terrorist attack at this time.
  • Police responded within 4 1/2 minutes.
  • 58 people were killed, and over 500 people have been injured.
  • The Las Vegas Shooting is named the “deadliest mass shooting of modern American history.”

How to Plan for Threats in Public Venues

In June, I was part of an interview conducted by Al Wynant of Eventinterface titled, Top Tips for Planning your Event Security. In this article, Mr. Wynant interviewed security experts and event professionals to learn how they make safety preparations for their public events. I will share some of those tips here:

  • Start your security planning as soon as you start planning for your event.
  • Appoint a safety team leader to be in charge of safety planning.
  • For very large venues, higher a professional team.
  • Always consult with local police department and fire department.
  • Conduct a risk assessment of the venue.
  • Consider the size of the venue and the necessary resources.
  • Decide what you need in terms of security, armed security, uniformed detail officers, K9 officers, and undercover police officers.
  • Decide if you need K9 officers to sweep for bombs.
  • Directly from the article,

“Is the event a concert, political rally, a gathering with religious motivations? Is the event private or heavily marketed? A general admission event, ticketed or by invite only? Who will be the people attending the event, the speakers, VIP guests? Have threats been made against the event or any of the guests? Counter protests? Have there been issues at the event in the past, or at similar events in other communities?”

  • Identify entryways and exits.
  • Develop ingress and egress routes for emergency responders.

How Can I Talk to My Family About the Las Vegas Shooting?

While our country mourns this tragedy at the Las Vegas shooting, we urge you to speak to your loved ones on how not only can we better prepare our schools and workplaces, but also our public venues.

  • Engage in dialogue about an action plan.
  • Utilize these five immediate actions.

Five Immediate Actions You Must Know When Confronted by an Active Shooter:

  1. Evacuate
  2. Evade
  3. Isolate
  4. Secure
  5. Defend

Your order in which you take action depends on the situation. In order to learn more about the 5 Immediate Actions and ways to better prepare yourself for a threat, please schedule a time to speak to one of our Safety Specialists. Also, read more on our website about training and safety for the workplace and schools.