Active Shooter Training Near Me

Active Shooter Training Near Me

You might wonder how to find the best Active Shooter Training Program to start or continue preparing for a violent attack.  To do this you may go on the internet and search, “Active Shooter Training Near Me.”  Whether you already have a detailed plan, or need help creating a comprehensive defense strategy, it is important to find the best organization to help make sure you are fully prepared.

What is the Best, “Active Shooter Training Near Me?”


Guardian Defense is located in Boca Raton, Florida but provides active shooter training service across the country. So, if you are searching online for the phrase, “Active Shooter Training Near Me,” Guardian Defense should be your first choice! The instructors at Guardian Defense travel to all 50 states to give you the help you need in creating or specializing your active shooter training plan.

You still may be wondering what Active Shooter Training is, and what it entails.

So, Taylor Smith is here to offer some much needed insight.


Q & A with Taylor Smith, Vice President and Co-Founder at Guardian Defense


Q: What exactly does Guardian Defense do?

A: Guardian Defense is a company specializing in threat response training (also known as “active shooter training”) for civilians and law enforcement.

For our civilian programs, we advocate POLICY-TRAIN-DRILL.

We encourage organizations to have written policies for a threat; training for their staff; and a method of keeping the training current through drilling.


Q: Who do you serve with your Active Shooter Training Programs?

A: We serve ALL members of the community.

Some of these specific groups include Police, Schools, Colleges, Businesses/hotels, places of Worship, Healthcare Facilities, and the public.


Q: Do you only provide Active Shooter Training for Boca Raton and the surrounding area?

A: Of course not!

We currently provide active shooter training ANYWHERE in the United States. In the past, we’ve traveled to Vermont, Illinois, and all across Florida for speaking engagements and training programs. Recently, we have traveled to Tennessee and New York. Soon we will be adding Missouri and Texas to our list.


Q: What makes Guardian Defense Qualified and Unique?

A: The main points that I would say speaks to our qualifications and differentiates us from other Active Shooter Training programs

  • Current Law Enforcement Officers as Program Developers and Instructors
  • Prior and/or Current SWAT Team Members or Military Experience
  • All Programs Reviewed by Mental Health Professional Before Implemented
  • Adaptability to Audience
  • Passion and Determination
  • Excellent Customer Service


Q: Is there a one size fits all approach to Active Shooter Training Plans?

A: Absolutely not!

Every group needs to devise a plan that fits THEIR specific needs.

These active shooter training plans will be different depending on the

  • population they serve,
  • location,
  • type of work that they do and so forth.

We believe that an individualized approach in creating and implementing an active shooter plan, yield the most successful results.


How Do I Learn More About Guardian Defense?

To learn more about our active shooter training programs, please visit our homepage. Once there, you may navigate along the menu bar to select a customized approach for you.


Civilians and Organizations

If you are looking for a civilian course, join our notification list by entering your email address in the white box below the video and look out for upcoming active shooter training courses in your area.

You will also receive instant access to a short video training that highlights the Five Immediate Actions to an Active Shooter!


Law Enforcement

If you are a law enforcement officer, please look at our available course offerings.