Apr 14, 2017
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Press Release- Local company will bring real-life strategies for surviving a mass shooting to the public at Nova Southeastern University

For Immediate Release  CONTACT: Taylor Smith 954-654-8912 April 14, 2017 taylor@guardiandefenseplan.com Guardian Defense to offer workshop in response...
Mar 29, 2017
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Maryland High School Shooting Plot

A Reminder of "See Something, Say Something" at the Maryland High School Shooting Plot Frederick County deputies uncovered a Maryland high school shooting...
Mar 23, 2017
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Violence in the Workplace: A Comprehensive Safety Plan for Employees

Chapman Partnership in Miami, Florida joined the many organizations in our country that have faced violence in the workplace just a few years ago, when an...
Feb 28, 2017
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Full-Scale Active Threat Response Program at Katz Hillel Day School

Steve proudly presents Certificate of Completion to Mr. Sharp during their program completion meeting. We are ecstatic to announce the “graduation” of...
Jan 17, 2017
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Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting: Interview with Witness, Annika Dean, on Active Shooter Training

If you have been tuning into the news following the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting, you may have heard the amazing story of Broward County Public School...
Dec 16, 2016
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6 Steps to Building an Active Threat Response Program for Schools

It can be a very daunting task developing an active threat response program for administrators and security directors at schools. If you are like most...
Oct 12, 2016
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Are School Threats in Florida on the Rise?

As a south Florida-based company, a vast majority of the schools we serve come from this region. We’ve seen the news reports of the school threats in Florida...
Jul 23, 2016
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Single Officer Response – The Next Evolution of Police Training

Approximately one week after the devastating events surrounding the Pulse Nightclub terror attack in Orlando, Florida, I found myself assisting as an adjunct...
Apr 30, 2016
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Active Threat: Safety Tips for Traveling Alone Internationally

A few months ago, Guardian Defense president, Steven S. Smith was interviewed by a women’s travel agency for his expertise in law enforcement and active...
Jan 26, 2016
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Nine Questions to Ask if a School Receives a Bomb Threat

Today, 01/26/2016, four Jewish educational centers received a bomb threat in the state of Florida. The centers and schools ranged from central Florida to the...
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