How to React in a Shooting at a Holiday Gathering

How to React in a Shooting at a Holiday Gathering

The holiday season is here!  It is a great opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends.  It is time to get together, share meals, gifts, laughter, love and reflect on life’s journey.  Unfortunately, incidents such as a holiday shooting have occurred throughout our country. As you get ready to celebrate life, be mindful of  your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

The number of people involved in a shooting during a holiday gathering has sharply increased in recent years. Nine weeks ago, six deadly shootings took place throughout the United States at different Halloween parties.  Thirty-four party-goers were injured and twelve lost their lives. Guardian Defense brings you steps that can minimize casualties, if you are in an active shooter situation during a holiday gathering. 


Recent Holiday Shooting Events

The two deadliest of these unfortunate events happened in California. During a Halloween house party in Long Beach, three people died and nine injured by gunfire. Two days later, on October 31, 2019, five people were killed and four injured at Halloween party  in Orinda. The police have not determined the reasons behind these two attacks. Many heard through social media about these recent holiday shootings.

Our intent is not to create fear but bring awareness and minimize casualties. Keep in mind if you have a plan, you can better protect yourself and your family. Be proactive by implementing strategies of how you will act, not react, if you were in such frightening situations. When faced with an emergency, people will resort back to what they have practiced and planned. People freeze because they have no plan.  Formulate a plan and think through “what-if” scenarios.


Be Present, and Aware

As you get ready to spend time with your family and friends at home, house of worship, and large gatherings such as a concert or even work, here are some tips to assist you in staying safe while enjoying the holiday festivities this season:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings. When you are aware of your environment, it is easier to recognize anything out of the ordinary, especially strangers or others acting out of place or out of character.
  • You can act, not react by pointing your suspicions to family and friends. If you have to barricade a door, do it the right way.
  • Trust your instinct! Don’t assume changes you notice are innocent or you are being paranoid. Better be safe than sorry.
  • If you are in a new environment, and are not familiar with the place and the people, recognize the exits and locate different escape routes


What to Do in Any Environment

The video below outlines the 5 Immediate Actions you must know if confronted by an active shooter or threat. Guardian Defense also has a must-read Active Shooter Response Guide that outlines the steps you need to take before, during, and after an active threat situation.

YouTube video

We hope you are never in a situation to use these 5 actions. These techniques are important for any other environment besides an unfortunate holiday shooting gathering. Stay in the magical spirits of the holidays. Enjoy and celebrate with your loved ones and be safe.

Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

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