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Security Guards Training Guide

Are Security Guards at Your School, Business or Public Place Properly Trained? 

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Security Guards are the first set of eyes, and likely the first responders to an emergency at schools, businesses and public areas. Simply because they look the part in their uniform does not mean they are properly trained to protect you or your clients during an incident. When properly trained, they provide a sense of security to their clients and public. According to Gazette News, a security guard in a Denver school was able to take swift action as a first responder and prevent a mass shooting in 2019. Our Security Guards Training Guide provides you with the information you need to make sure your guards are on top of their game!

How Can Security Guards be Trained Effectively?

Recently, we spoke with Art Cummings, Owner and Founder of APB Security. He’s been operating a professional security guard company for close to two decades in Florida. Art shared guards get the most out of training “by combining the client’s requirements and the critical job functions with the specific training module.” Once this is done, the program model must “integrate those specifics to ensure client expectations are met.”

Security Guards instruction includes full body and mind commitment through physical and mental training. Many resources are needed to complete training effectively. The instructors must possess the proper certifications and experience. The courses need to offer the correct training tools and information. Ensuring the course is offering all that you need can be overwhelming. It is imperative to seek the right security guard training for your organization!

What Qualities, Characteristics and Skills Make A Good Security Guard?

  • Exceptional Communication Skills

African-American security guard on his job, Security Guards Training GuideSecurity Guards communicate regularly with their clients and colleagues. A security guard’s ability to communicate can improve a situation and possibly prevent an incident from going wrong. Additionally, proper communication through report writing leads to the protection of all parties involved in an incident.

  • Vigilance/Alertness

The most vital part of a security guard’s job is to observe and report. A good security guard must be vigilant and alert at all times to make sure they do not overlook suspicious activity that might put people’s lives in danger.

  • Honesty

A security guard’s vigilance will lead to the observation of many incidents over his or her career. Honesty and integrity in reporting the situation exactly as it occurred is expected of every security guard.

  • Critical Thinking

Security guards will not always be able to de-escalate every situation. A good security guard must observe the incident and make the appropriate action. Whether that means they contact management, call police, or have the authority to take action, following their protocol and falling back on their training will lead to the safest outcome possible.

“Enhanced training in these specific areas listed here not only ensure a quality service, but improve the value of the guard’s role in the organization.”

– Art Cummings, Owner and Founder of APB Security

Your Security Guards Training Guide: 3 Signs of Improperly Trained Guards

security guards in a training room, security guards training guideSign #1: Too Much Use of Force

Use of force should be the last resort option when attempting to resolve an issue. Although cases exist where use of force was necessary for the safety of all involved, the goal of resolving issues is to end it peacefully and without altercation. In other words, if you often find your security guards using physical force to mitigate matters, it may mean they need assistance in their communication style. We recommend a course like Effective Communication for Security Guards to ensure that proper issues can be resolved safely and securely.

Sign #2: One Too Many Lawsuits

In today’s world, lawsuits seem to happen all too often. We can’t always stop an individual from filing a lawsuit, but we can discourage it by ensuring all of our ducks are in a row. One way of doing that is ensuring documentation is clear and concise. After an incident occurs, the security guard must articulate the incident’s facts clearly. We highly recommend sending your guards and leadership team to a course like Report Writing to ensure your clients, security guards, management team, and company is protected.

Sign #3: Improper Use of Tools and Equipment

Even the most seemingly simple tools like handcuffs can cause serious bodily injury or lead to death. Other tools, like firearms, protect lives, but can also lead to the wrong outcome when not utilized properly. Unless your guard comes from a professional firearms-trained background, a K license certification is likely not enough. Armed guards should receive all the knowledge they need to protect themselves and their clients. We recommend reading more here about what your armed guards can do to be the best representations for your company.


It can be frustrating to manage a company and feel your guards lack the proper training. Our team of instructors have the experience needed to ensure your guards can go to work daily with confidence. After reading this Security Guards Training Guide, we encourage you to reach out to us to see how we can help your company go from “A” rated to “A++” rated! After all, don’t you want to set yourself apart from the rest?

Do not wait until it is too late to offer the necessary training to your security guards! Guardian Defense offers training for your unarmed security guard, armed security guards, and even your security guard managers.

Interested in proper security guard training? Check out our Guardian Defense’s training options here and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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