Carl D. Hannold, Jr. Guardian Defense Lead InstructorLead Instructor for Law Enforcement Programs: Carl D. Hannold, Jr.


Carl D. Hannold, Jr. joined the Guardian Defense team in 2015 bringing with him over three decades of tactical law enforcement and military knowledge. With the arrival of Hannold on the team, Guardian Defense offered it’s first course for law enforcement officers: a single officer response to an active shooter. He is known for his exceptional teaching skills, patience while teaching, and explanation of concepts through real-life experiences.

Hannold is a 26-year veteran of a police department in south Florida. During his tenure, he spent over 8 years on his department’s SWAT Team working as an Entry Operator, Sniper, Close Quarters and Firearms Instructor, and Assistant Team Leader. He is a FDLE certified firearms instructor and is a certified FLETC Active Shooter Instructor specializing in Single Officer Response.

He is currently assigned to the patrol division after spending many years in the department’s Training Unit. Hannold is a Force Science Institute graduate and one of the department’s Force Analysts. He is a certified Active Shooter Instructor, Taser Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, DHS FEMA Field Force Operation Instructor, FBI and Aerko International Chemical Munitions Instructor, Simunition Instructor, Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor, Hostage Rescue and CQB Instructor, FN 3030 Less Lethal Launcher Instructor, and the department’s lead pistol and carbine instructor.

Hannold is well versed in the Active Shooter QuAD System training with the MACTAC Group and ALERRT. He has attended “Understanding the Psychological Dynamics of the Active Shooter” and “Managing Such a Threat from a Tactical Perspective”.  Hannold has furthered his education in this field by attending the FEMA Emergency Responder Hazardous Materials Technician for CBRNE Incidents School; the Mumbai, India Attack Presentation; the DOJ Law Enforcement Response to WMD Incidents and the Law Enforcement Guide to Understanding Islamist Terrorism.

As an Officer Survival Instructor, Hannold developed his department’s Tactical Refresher Course, which has evolved into the current block training system.  Being assigned to the Training Unit, he is responsible for conducting all Patrol Tactics and the new Officer Orientation Tactics.

During his tour of duty, he served as a Field Training Officer and as a member of the Tactical Impact Unit, Street Crimes Unit, Special Problems Unit and Motor Unit. He has been assigned to the Street Narcotics Unit where he has conducted numerous undercover operations, and hundreds of narcotics search warrant entries. While assigned to the department’s Narcotics Unit, he was tasked with conducting all firearms related training, Buy Bust or Reverse Operations training, as well as all search warrant entry/CQB skills.

A former U.S. Marine and Desert Storm Veteran, Hannold has trained numerous Law Enforcement personnel in Special Response Team Operations while working as an Adjunct Instructor for Marcinko Inc. at Eastern Michigan University. He has also taught Police Sniper Courses with SniperCraft Inc. and Physical Skills Courses with Centerfire Training and Consulting.


Carl D. Hannold, Jr. Guardian Defense Lead Instructor
Carl D. Hannold, Jr. observing a SOASRC student, held in Woodstock, VT in 2015.

“Carl is outstanding. Energized. Kept everyone on task- incredibly knowledgeable.”

-Law Enforcement Officer from SOASRC in Vermont


“[Carl is] professional, knowledgeable. Demonstrated his knowledge and then had students work through it. Walks the talk.”

-Law Enforcement Officer from SOASRC in Vermont