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How Safety Measures and Prevention Planning Limit a Spike in Deaths

With our current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic we realize the importance of implementing safety measures to prevent and/or minimize cases in unforeseen disasters. In an interview with NBCNews, surgeon general, Jerome Adams, states:  “The way you stop the spread of an infectious disease like this is with mitigation measures and preventing people from getting it in the first place.” 


As we begin to learn more about COVID-19 and the spread we are realizing that not enough people are taking this seriously or are waiting too long to take action. COVID -19 is a reminder for businesses, schools, colleges and universities, places of worship, and individuals to have safety measurements in place so that when an unforeseen disaster or threat takes place you, your family at home, your business team, or your organization are prepared to take immediate action to help prevent mass casualties. 


The Value, Importance, Necessity and Time Sensitivity of Preparing Accordingly

Having A Well Thought-Out Plan in Place

When it comes to safety, “winging it” does not seem the top of many people’s lists. Most people understand the importance of a well, thought-out plan. Proactive planning and safety measures lead to minimizing illnesses, injuries, and mass casualties during an unforeseen disaster or threat.

The Quicker, The Better

As with any threat, the quicker the reaction time, the less damage done. Whether you are preparing for a pandemic, weather disaster, or active threat, a solid plan for your family at home, your business, or your organization will lead to a much higher likelihood of safe result.


Knowing the Best Tools to Implement Safety Measures Are Key to Success

As we are learning during this COVID-19 pandemic, quick action leads to desired results. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported, “keeping space between you and others is one of the best tools we have to avoid being exposed to this virus and slowing its spread locally and across the country and world.” Responses to “stay at home” advisories, quarantine orders and social distancing recommendations have limited the spread of the disease.

Responding Too Late Is Dangerous

When teaching active threat response training, one of the biggest points we want our participants to leave with is: Delayed response, equates to mass casualties.

Whether it is a pandemic like COVID-19, an active shooter or threat, or a tornado, having safety measures in place for your home, business, or organization lead to life-saving results. 


9 Critical Safety Measures for an Unforeseen Disaster

  1. Create a safety team at your organization
  2. The team should have a team leader and willing team members
  3. Schedule regular meetings
  4. Review current plans for all emergencies and consult with experts when needed
  5. Create an annual training plan that appeals to all learning senses and abilities
  6. Have a security survey completed by local law enforcement agency or consulting company
  7. Create a drill plan annually 
  8. Practice drills regularly
  9. Fix areas of vulnerabilities                       

How Can We Help YOU Enhance Your Current Safety Measures?

It is critical to PREPARE and have a safety plan in place. At Guardian Defense, we specialize in helping businesses, schools, places of worship, or public venues create customized training plans placed on its unique needs.


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