Potential Business Risk: The Active Shooter Scenario

What is a potential business risk for your company? The recent COVID-19 virus has certainly affected organizations globally, being a stark reminder of having a plan in place for anything and everything. Thankfully, the Coronavirus will come and go, but certainly will leave an impact on how to prepare for potential business risks in the future. Similarly, threats and violence in the workplace raise concerns for employers. Active shooter scenarios present as one example of a concern for organizations.


Potential Business Risk Reports from Employers


According to the Wall Street Journal, more companies are beginning to list active shooter scenarios as a potential risk factor in their annual reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. U.S public companies are required to disclose potential risks that could affect their financial performance to their investors. Active shooter scenarios are categorized with the same level of business risk as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, rise of labor costs and strong competition. Although the language for this risk varies by company they all focus on how an active shooter scenario can affect the company’s financial earnings.

The Active Shooter Scenario

Unfortunately, active shooter scenarios are on a rise with 2019 accounting for a total of 417 shootings including 31 of them being mass murders.  Per CBS News these attacks make it the worst year in history for mass shootings.  We recognize this potential business risk and have developed courses for businesses, places of worship, schools and hospitals.

Threats in the Workplace Are More Common

Furthermore, threats in the workplace are even more common because they can include anything from an active killer situation where an individual is actively attempting to kill someone with a weapon, to a verbally disgruntled employee or customer. The active shooter scenario, or more commonly the active threat situation is important to address.


5 Tips to Reduce Potential Business Risks Caused by the Active Shooter Scenario or Other Threats

  1. Have written policies in place that your team can read and refer back to at any point.
  2. Hire professionals to train your organization in threat response
  3. Practice regularly with employees, like you would do for fire drills
  4. Appoint lead administrators to oversee your safety plans
  5. Consult with safety experts on various aspects of your emergency plan


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