guardian defense trainer at a local school for back to school preparation tips regarding a local active shooter incident

Back to School Preparation: Training for an Active Shooter is a MUST!

School Administrators work tirelessly on their back to school preparation for the upcoming school year. This includes teacher planning days. Administrators seek effective training options for their teachers and staff that will keep their school at the forefront of education and safety. We often hear from principals that of all the possible emergencies that can happen at school, they feel least prepared for an active shooter. NOW is the time to do the back to school preparation in your school and instill CONFIDENCE in your plan!


February was 2018 Parkland Shooting Anniversary

Last month, we focused on celebrating the lives lost too soon during the 2018 Parkland Shooting. It is our duty to educate schools in our area of expertise to keep our children safe in school and minimize tragedies.


Number of Mass Shootings Is Increasing

As we welcome the month of March, we focus on ensuring schools get us on their calendar for teacher planning days in August and throughout the school year before we fill up! The number of people involved in mass shootings and school violence have sharply increased in recent years. Every week, we hear reports of shootings and violence in our schools where our kids, educators and administrators are put in a dangerous situation. The news displays deadly shootings in workplaces and places of worship across the country and all over the world.

Per a Washington Post report, since 1966 there have been 175 mass shooting (accounting for shootings of 4 or more deaths), 1242 killed, using 333 guns, with a total of 182 shooters.

What Should Your Back to School Preparation Include?

#1 Create Awareness Not Fear

Our intent is not to create fear, but bring awareness. Keep in mind if you have a plan, you can better protect your students, staff and community. We are here to give you the needed training for your school. Be proactive by implementing strategies of how you will act, not react, if you were in such frightening situations.

“When faced with an emergency, people will resort back to what they have practiced and planned.”

#2 Create a Plan

People freeze because they have no plan.  Formulate a plan and think through “what-if” scenarios.


We hope that after reading this, you understand that an active shooter incident or violent attack could happen at any businessschool, mall, restaurant, movie theater, place of worshiphospital, or public place.

It is critical to PREPARE and put a plan in place. 

As the list of these tragedies continues to grow, it is the duty of every principal to formalize plans now and prepare for an active threat.


Let Us Help You With Your Back to School Preparation for an Active Shooter Incident

At Guardian Defense, we specialize in helping your school create a customized training plan based on its unique needs. The urgency is there to >>BOOK US TODAY<<.

August is our busiest month reserved specifically for school training!

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