February 2020 Closes, Parkland Always in Our Hearts

February ended as it began: with the 2018 Parkland shooting on our minds and heavy in our hearts.  It is unbelievable that just a few weeks ago we dedicated February to Parkland, in honor of the 17+2 lives gone too soon. Today is the last day of our tribute and we are wrapping up the month. Therefore, we invite you to glance at all the activities Guardian Defense and our community participated in. Join us in our continual effort to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the Parkland tragedy.

Our 2018 Parkland Shooting 2nd Anniversary Activities Dedicated to the 17+2 Angels and Their Families and Friends


We began our tribute on January 28th with the “2020 17 Day Celebration” started by Liz Stout. She was an MSD senior at the time of the Parkland tragedy.

For 17 days, we joined the community in honoring the victims by doing something they liked.  From…

  • jumping on trampoline to honor Alyssa Alhadeff…
  • to enjoying Oreo cookies in memory of Nick Dworet…
  • to committing acts of kindness to celebrate the life of coach Aaron Feis…

the Guardian Defense family was humbled and honored to be part of the celebration. #17DayCelebration #msdstrong #202017days #AlyssaAlhadeff #2020MSD #17ActsOfKindness #strongerTogether

Subsequently, Guardian Defense published a few blogs in honor of Parkland, the 17+2 angels, the families and friends who miss them terribly and the survivors who live with the trauma since that day. We acknowledged the work of many non-profit organizations.  They have dedicated their resources to improving school safety and providing post trauma services to our community.

Sponsoring the 3rd Annual MSD Charity Golf Tournament to Support Mental Health

We were pleased to be a sponsor at the 3rd Annual MSD Charity Golf Tournament again this year! All proceeds go to Mobilizing MSD Alumni and other organizations promoting mental health services for the survivors. In addition to joining a good cause, our team had fun and even ended with a 3rd place finish!

Sponsoring the 3rd Annual MSD Golf Tournament

Our Work Continues …

This month’s 2018 Parkland Shooting anniversary is over but our work continues. Our goal is to keep our children safe in schools and minimize tragedies.  Furthermore, we encourage you to read our latest blogs about safety training opportunities and tips to staying safe.


Be safe and spread love. Just like Guardian Defense instructor, Don and his lovely daughter, live in the moment and dance as if no one is watching!

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