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Why You Should Book Keynote Speaker Steven S. Smith for Your Next Conference

What is a Keynote Speaker?

A Keynote Speaker is the opening speaker at your event and is considered a key contributor to any Conference, Speaker Series, Presentation, or event in general. Keynote Speakers are expected to have exceptional public speaking skills; while delivering captivating messages. They can use a variety of techniques to deliver their message including humor and personal accounts to support their message.

Why is Having the Right Keynote Speaker Important?

Having the right Keynote Speaker is essential for the success of your event or conference. Conference Committee members are tasked with finding the speaker who is going to make the biggest impact for their event. They do this by interviewing perspective speakers, or having them submit proposals. The topic that your Keynote Speaker delivers should directly connect with your event’s theme to give your guests a lasting impression!

A Keynote Speaker is likely to start the event because they are able to set the tone of the whole conference and set the right theme for your event. Their tone and topic should be motivating and eye-opening. The Keynote Speaker can dictate if your event will be a success or not.

Steven S. Smith

If you came to this article looking for a…

  • captivating speaker for your next speaking engagement;
  • motivating individual with a message; or an
  • inspiring speaker pushing to make a change

We have the right solution for you!

Guardian Defense Founder and President, Steven S. Smith, has been hired as a speaker at a range of settings for his expertise in active shooter training, school violence prevention, safety plan development, workplace violence prevention and tactical law enforcement training. As a current SWAT Team Leader, Steven has unfortunately gained real-life experience to active shooter events. To date, he has responded to two unfortunate mass casualty incidents: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting. Such experience has corroborated what he has been teaching in his private business since 2013.

Want to see Steven in action?

YouTube video

In this preview, Steven S. Smith, shares his personal experience as a first-responder to the active shooter incident in Parkland, Florida. He speaks about the instance after his team escorts a group of students from the affected building and directs them to a neutral area. He reflects back on his personal experience on what impact he made day… and realizes he did nothing. Nothing to save a student, teacher or staff member. He received the page after the incident was over…

In the full keynote, Keynote Speaker Steven S. Smith takes the audience on a fascinating and emotional journey. He shares essential measures that can quickly be taken in order to increase the chances of survival in your organization or prevent an incident from happening altogether. Do not let this opportunity go by as it will change your life in a matter of minutes!

Presentation Topics

  • *Parkland Lessons Learned: Training and Communication (customized to civilian and police audiences)
  • 3 Must-Do’s to Build an Effective Threat Response Plan for Your Workplace/School
  • A Duty to Act: The Need for Workplaces/Schools to Provide Active Shooter Training
  • When Terror Strikes at a Youth Sporting Event: Planning and Response
  • Safety Team Building for Your Place of Worship

Other topics available upon request… 

*Most Requested Presentation

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